Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman - Haruki Murakami 豆瓣评分[8.80]


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Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman - Haruki Murakami 豆瓣评分[8.80]


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Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman - Haruki
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An eclectic, eccentiric and altogether brain-bending new collection of short stories from the cult Japanese author. A young man accompanies his cousin to the hospital to check an unusual hearing complaint and recalls a story of a woman put to sleep by tiny flies crawling inside her ear; a mirror appears out of nowhere and a nightwatchman is unnerved as his reflection tries to take control of him; a couple’s relationship is unbalanced after dining exclusively on exquisite crab while on holiday; a man follows instructions on the back of a postcard to apply for a job, but an unknown password stands between him and his mysterious employer. In each one of these stories Murakami sidesteps the real and sprints for the surreal. Everyday events are transcended, leaving the reader dazzled by this master of his craft. Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman is Murakami’s most eclectic collection of stories to date, spanning five years of his writing. An introduction explains the diversity of the author's choice.



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