Squid_ The Definitive Guide - Duane Wessels 豆瓣评分[8.00]


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Squid_ The Definitive Guide - Duane Wessels 豆瓣评分[8.00]


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Squid is the most popular Web caching software in use today, and it works on a variety of platforms including Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows. Squid improves network performance by reducing the amount of bandwidth used when surfing the Web. It makes web pages load faster and can even reduce the load on your web server. By caching and reusing popular web content, Squid allows you to get by with smaller network connections. It also protects the host on your internal network by acting as a firewall and proxying your internal web traffic. You can use Squid to collect statistics about the traffic on your network, prevent users from visiting inappropriate web sites at work or school, ensure that only authorized users can surf the Internet, and enhance your privacy by filtering sensitive information from web requests. Companies, schools, libraries, and organizations that use web-caching proxies can look forward to a multitude of benefits. Written by Duane Wessels, the creator of Squid, Squid: The Definitive Guide will help you configure and tune Squid for your particular situation. Newcomers to Squid will learn how to download, compile, and install code. Seasoned users of Squid will be interested in the later chapters, which tackle advanced topics such as high-performance storage options, rewriting requests, HTTP server acceleration, monitoring, debugging, and troubleshooting Squid. Topics covered include:
Compiling and installing Squid
Running Squid
Using Squid's sophisticated access controls
Tuning disk storage for optimal performance
Configuring your operating system for HTTP interception
Forwarding Requests to other web caches
Using redirectors to rewrite user requests
Monitoring Squid with the cache manager and SNMP
Using Squid to accelerate and protect HTTP servers
Managing bandwidth consumption with Delay Pools



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