The Definitive Book of Body Language - Barbara Pease 豆瓣评分[8.20]


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The Definitive Book of Body Language - Barbara Pease 豆瓣评分[8.20]


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The Definitive Book of Body Language - Barbara
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There was a 3 page feature in HERE'S HEALTH (March) about Body Language, using the Peases as a source and flagging up the forthcoming book. Press: DAILY MIRROR - interview ran 9 December SUNDAY EXPRESS - article on smiles ran 19 December DAILY TELEGRAPH - interview with Allan IRISH EXAMINER article WESTERN MAIL - interview GUARDIAN (18 Dec) feature in Rise about body language at interviews Regional press features and reviews ran in HIGHLANDS PRESS & JOURNAL, ABERDEEN PRESS & JOURNAL, DAILY POST WALES, LIVERPOOL ECHO, BOLTON EVE NEWS, LEICESTER MERCURY, NORTHERN ECHO, WORCESTER EVE NEWS, SHIELDS GAZETTE, EAST ANGLIAN DAILY TIMES, BUCKINGHAM ADVERTISER, BEACONSFIELD ADVERTISER, NEWCASTLE JOURNAL, SOUTH WALES EVE POST, BRIGHTON EVE ARGUS, NORTHANTS CHONICLE, HALIFAX EVE COURIER Magazines: EVE - short article EVE - inclusion in 'The Organiser' (January 2005) SUGAR - short article (Sept) with plug for book GOOD HOUSEKEEPING - Christmas Books Pages Review (December) THE LADY - feature based on the book FAMILY CIRCLE - Feature on sleeping positions (December) BLISS! short feature on party tips TNT MAGAZINE - interview MEN'S HEALTH (Jan 05 issue) article on anger management NEW WOMAN (Feb 05) feature 'Do Men Secretly Share Our Sex Fears?' COMPANY (FEB 05) - Body Language mini feature COSMOPOLITAN (Feb 05) 'what he tells you without saying a word' body language feature NEW! (17 Jan 05) 'how to flirt like the stars' feature. MONEY WEEK (Feb 05) article for Gurus/body language EVE (April 05) included in 'Yes You can change your personality' article Television: SUNDAY STYLE BBC2 - Allan to to contribute to major new Sunday Morning life-style show. At lease one programme to be transmitted before Christmas. TRISHA Radio: BBC R4 'MIDWEEK' 20 October with Alan BBC R5 'UP ALL NIGHT' BBC RADIO YORK, BBC LONDON LIVE 'JOANNE GOOD', BBC RADIO BRISTOL, BBC RADIO JERSEY, BBC RADIO ESSEX, BBC RADIO WILTSHIRE, BBC RADIO LEICESTER, Internet: Interview with HANDBAG.COM Other: Allan and Barbara used as the basis for the presss release for a national campaign for the mobile phone company 82AK. (PR campaign handled by Weber Shandwick) --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.



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