Viking Ships at Sunrise - Mary Pope Osborne 豆瓣评分[7.90]


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Viking Ships at Sunrise - Mary Pope Osborne 豆瓣评分[7.90]


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Viking Ships at Sunrise - Mary Pope
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Book Description
Jack and Annie are off in search of another story in jeopardy, this time at a monastery in ancient Ireland. Trouble arrives when Vikings land, and Jack and Annie must find a way to escape!

Card catalog description
Their magic tree house takes Jack and Annie back to a monastery in medieval Ireland, where they try to retrieve a lost book while being menaced by Viking raiders.

About Magic Tree House series
Magic Tree House is a book series for young children by Mary Pope Osborne. The series features two children, the bookworm Jack and his adventurous and imaginative younger sister Annie, who travel to historical places using a magic tree house. The magic tree house belongs to Morgan Le Fay who, in the series, is King Arthur's sister and a librarian. She uses the magic tree house to gather books from time and space.

Jack and Annie travel by opening a book, pointing at a picture of a place and then wishing that they could go there. The magic tree house then spins around and magically they arrive at the location.

Book Dimension
length: (cm)19.7                 width:(cm)12.8



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