Kiss Kiss - Roald Dahl 豆瓣评分[8.20]

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Kiss Kiss - Roald Dahl 豆瓣评分[8.20]


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Kiss Kiss - Roald
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What could go wrong when a wife pawns the mink coat that her lover gave her as a parting gift? What happens when a priceless piece of furniture is the subject of a deceitful bargain? Can a wronged woman take revenge on her dead husband? In these dark, disturbing stories Roald Dahl explores the sinister side of human nature: the cunning, sly, selfish part of each of us that leads us into the territory of the unexpected and unsettling. Stylish, macabre and haunting, these tales will leave you with a delicious feeling of unease. The stories are: "The Landlady", "William and Mary", "The Way Up To Heaven", "Parson's Pleasure", "Mrs Bixby and the Colonel's Coat", "Royal Jelly", "Georgy Porgy", "Genesis and Catastrophe", "Edward the Conqueror", "Pig", and "The Champion of the World".



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